AAUSAT3 - ground segment future concept

under construction

In addition to your groundstations in Aalborg and Greenland we will try to go for the following distributed concepts for enhanced communication.

Parallel groundstations

bit flet

As seen on the picture the idea is to use parallel bit streams from different groundstation (below protocol level) and carry out aligment and voting. This implys

  • Distributed system for antenna reservation
  • real time bit streamning around Europe
  • Bit stream analysis
  • Handling of different transmission times from antennas to you Houston
  • Multiple bit stream processing ending up with the real one
  • hand over from antenna to antenna when
    • a satellite leaves antenna
    • when antenna bit stream quality is to low.

Distributed communication/antenna system

Distr Gnd

We need a distributed ground station system which can

  • control and coordinate antenna systems
  • facilitate remote control
  • facilitate real time data flow between radio systems and cubesat owners ground station(s).
  • maximize throughput
  • session and antenna handover
  • proxy funcitonallty

The basic idea is to have a system which can compensate for spinning satellites, non uniform antenna systems onboard the satellite etc.