Adcs 1



ADCS1 is the main detumbling system for AAUSAT3. The purpose of ADCS1 is to lower the rotational speed of the satellite using the measurements from the magnetic field. This is done by first measuring the magnetic field in all three direction using the onboard compass then the speed in the magnetic field is calcualted. The actuation is then performed such that the speed in the magnetic field is reduced this approach is also known as B-DOT.


To keep the ADCS1 as simple as possible it consits of the following hardware.

  • AT90CAN128 micro controller
  • Honeywell HMC6343 compass measuring the magnetic field
  • Six in house developed coils as actuators

The coils are mounted and connected individually so as long as one of the six coils are working, reduction of the rotational speed is possible.

ADCS - Attitude Determination and Control System