AAUSAT3 - Sponsors


The mission for AAUSAT3 was proposed by The Danish Maritime Safety Administration(now S°fartsstyrelsen).

They are also our Main Economical Sponsor - economical as well as scientific.

We are more the grateful to our sponsors for their help and support and thanks to Omar Frits Eriksson for beleiving in us the way through.

Without S°fartsstyrelsen no AAUSAT3.

CW Obel

The CW Obel Fund has in June 2009 kindly donated us 100.000 dkr for AAUSAT3. We say thanks a lot for the continuous sponsoring from the CW Obel Fund.


Printca has kindly helped AAUSAT3 by sponsoring space grade PCBs. Thanks!


Hytek (North Jutland) has been generous to donate a space grade training course in soldering, PCB design and inspection. Hytek are among the fronter companies in Europe and is certified by ESA for performing analysis and certification of processes around PCB manufacturing.


RFMD (RF Micro Devices, Inc) has been generous to produce a UHF RX/TX switch for our radio systems, and has provided review and help as well.


ELPRINT produce our prototype PCBs on very favorable conditions.


Anadigics has been generous in offering us free PA components for our radio system. We are flying their AWT6388.


Polyteknik (North Jutland) has been generous to supply us with a high capacity vacuum pump for AAUSAT-II and AAUSAT3. We believe we have the fastest vacuum pump a student satellite vacuum chamber north of the Alps.


Actec has kindly donated batteries for both AAUSAT3 and AAUSAT3-NAVIS Bexus08 flight.


GomSpace has kindly shared code used for the distributed logging system.

S Pro

S Pro A/S sponsored connectors cables and other items.

Sensor ESC

Sensor ECS has kindly helped AAUSAT3 by sponsoring microSD cards for use in space (fault tolerant industrial grade card). Thanks!

Thrane & Thrane

Thrane and Thrane has kindly lent us an AIS transponder UAIS-1900

Rohde & Schwarz

For borrowing us high end signal analysis equipment.


For kindly borrowing us network analyzer for matching of our radio frontends.


Rubico AB has sponsored a Blackfin MMC/SD-Daughtercard for the AAUSAT3-NAVIS Bexus08 flight.