Launch Information

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... counting down for launch :-)

We will be lifted up in orbit by ISRO's polar launch vehicle PSLV C-20

The NORAD catalog (or SSN) number for AAUSAT3 is 39087


- 25 February 2013 12:30 utc (13:30 CET/danish time)

The orbit will be...


We will fly in a 98 degrees polar sun-synchronous orbit which implies that we will have contact to AAUSAT3 the same times every day.

Our best approximative guesses is see LEOP-LaunchAndEarlyOperation

In general passes every 12 hours centered around 0600 and 1800

Satellites onboard PSLV-C20

The main payload is Saral which is a 400 kg research satellite.

Furthermore a number of smaller satellites are accommodated:

  • Sapphire
  • NEOSSat
  • CanX 3A(UniBRITE)
  • CanX 3B(TUGsat1)
  • STRaND-1
  • and AAUSAT3 :-)


The ascent of PSLV C20