Ais 2


AIS2 is an AIS software defined radior based on an Blackfin BF537 DSP.

In generalized terms it samples the low IF signal in the mega hertz area. Signal analysis is carried out and demodulation and decoding is done in the DSP. AIS telegrams is verified, filtered and saved for later download. It is also possible to save raw IF samples that can be downloaded and analyzed later.

Upgrading in space

AIS2 is a small uClinux system and new SW and applications can be uploaded during the mission.

The wide bandwidth allows both AIS channels to be received and decoded at the same time. The Software Defined Radio allows upgrading of algorithms after launch - e.g. the demodulator could be improved based on raw samples downloaded from space.

The AIS2 receiver is prepared to support the upcomming new AIS channels, as well as new packet format and/or error correcting algorithms.