LEOP-Launch And Early Operation

Launch is Monday 25th February 13:31 (12:31 UTC) with the possibillity of up to 20 min delay.

After launch we will have to wait 3 hours before the first low pass and the following passes will come with 100 minutes interval.

Our best guess for a TLE (based on Launch Provider estimates 25th February 2013) is

NEW TLE 130225 14:56CET

1 30000U 13010D   13056.53554398  .00000000  00000-0 -11606-4 0  0018
2 30000  98.5602 246.6937 0004889 347.4954 227.2507 14.33925378000018

NORAD have now categorised the objects from the launch. We believe, that we could be object D or H, but the objects are still too close to be certain

Our groundstation is located: QTH locator : JO47XA or 57.013789 North 9.987504 East

We hope we will have first real TLE's from NORAD 1 hour after launch and will update the TLE on this page.

Very first part of the mission

After deployment following takes place

Minutes after deploymentOperation
T+30minAntenna release no 1
T+47minAntenna release no 2
T+64minAntenna release no 3
T+81minAntenna release no 4
T+85minAAUSAT3 active

So 85 minutes after deployment AAUSAT3 starts looking for ships and emits beacons

Launch at 13:31 gives 14:56 danish/CET time for first beacons

The first passes

Launch 25 February 12:31 UTC(13:22 danish time) will give us the following first passes in Aalborg:

(time is in danish/CET time)

pass noAOSLOSmax elevation
#116:4416:548.0very low pass - will just listen
#218:2318:3741.5good pass - try to get 2way com
#320:0220:1644.0good pass
#421:4221:5313.0low pass
#523:2223:284.4very low pass

26 February morning

pass noAOSLOSmax elevation
#602:3402:439.5very low pass
#805:4806:0366.1very good

26 February afternoon

pass noAOSLOSmax elevation