Raw Data from Space

Since launch AAUSAT3 has been receiving and decoding lot of AIS messages.

We have also downloaded some sequences of raw data.

We are now offering everybody a copy of the raw data :-)

Mail and you will receive a copy

We do have some conditions you have to accept for receiving these samples

  • you must refer to us if you are publishing
  • we would like to hear from you how many AIS packages and on which channel and on which time you can find
  • you must not hand data over to third party. Tell them to email us

Why all this stuff:

  • First of all we would to find out if such data is interesting for people around the world
  • Secondly to see what people can get decoded. We do not want to know peoples algorithms, only what they can do. We will not pass information about people but only list them in an anonymous way
  • Thirdly we hope that somebody will help us another time :-)

We hope these very rare data will be of help for many people around the world in developing AIS systems or just to have an idea of how an AIS signal from space looks like.

130707 Raw sample with simultaneous transmitting ships over Europe

This new sample was downloaded with more than 50% of EU inside line-of-sight.

Attach:uploads/130707-eu-11.i.png | A raw sample from EU

130704 Waterfall plot of raw data

We have just downloaded a raw data sequence recorded over Greenland.

We think it looks nice - you can nearly hand decode ;-)

Attach:uploads/130704-greenlandwater.png | A raw signal from Greenland

130425 RAw data

... 22:12 CEST - Updated AIS2 raw sample

First of all we would like to share this view of the first 1 MB of raw downloaded IF samples from the AIS2 SDR. The two IF for AIS ch. 1 and 2 is 175 kHz and 225 kHz. This plot contains about 370 ms of data, corresponding to 1 MB in the current file format. The data shows that we still have a bit of reconfiguration to do on our AGC. This will require a 52 B file upload, once we have verified the configuration on ground. This will most likely happen this weekend.

AIS raw sample file 03.raw. Y-axis is IF frequency.

The 162 MHz signal is down converted to 200 kHZ and the I and Q signal is thean sampled with 1 MHz with 16 bit resolution.