Welcome to AAUSAT II

From today (January 28th) all launch info will be maintained at www.aausatii.aau.dk/launch

stay tuned

From January 23th all launch campaign info will be here


January 2008

We are waiting on launch :-) Stipulated launch date is March 04th 03:53 GMT

More information from our launch provider here

AAUSAT-II is now finally tested with 100% succes and has proudly been delivered to our launch provider. Please see the picture below of the core crew !

The launch provider was very satisfied with our baby and impressed by our complex design.

We are now awaiting launch within the next three months and are finalising AAU groundstation.

Aalborg University intend to launch another cube satellite into orbit during 2006. The cubesat will include a small gamma ray detector that is newly developed by the Danish Space Center, and an advanced Attitude Determination and Control System. On these pages you can find detailed information about the satellite and follow the ongoing progress.

Project Time Line

2003:Kick-off and mission definition6 months
2004:Preliminary design phase6 months
Detailed design and first prototypes6 months
2005:Prototyping and design iterations12 months
2006:Manufacturing of engineering model and testing12 months
2007:Manufacturing of flight model2 months
Functional and environmental tests of flight model2 months
Preperation for launch1 months
Launch campaign and in-orbit operations3 months

Group photo

Group photo before departure to Canada the 27th July 2007