HAM people helping us

update Sep 7th

See here latest updates on HAM people

We are very happy and proud that many people around the world will follow our mission :-)

So with their permission we will link to them :-) :

All observations please mail us at :-)

The current TLE which we're using to track the satellite:

1 32788U 08021F   08204.16664171  .00000134  00000-0  23903-4 0   995
2 32788 097.9874 263.9694 0016573 030.5058 329.7112 14.81546440 12584

Verner Topsø(OZ5TG) has kindly borrowed us his 1 kW/10dB PA stage. And now we sre in contact - THANKS !!!

Telemetry data from DK AMSAT people including beacon log - we say thanks!

Ralph Wallio - W0RKP - Iowa USA

will be listening for AAUSAT-II from central Iowa USA, EN31fk,
He will listen and send us sound files for further processing in Aalborg.

Mike Rupprecht, DK3Wn - Frankfurt/Main Germany

will also help in listening after AAUSAT-II :-))

SQ5FNQ - Poland

Operator call, name: SQ5FNQ, Marcin
Status: ready
Height: 100m
Hardware description
Rotor: xy, homemade, Yaesu G232A compatybile
Antenas: band, gain
145MHz 5 elements YAGI = 9.1dBi
435MHz 15 elements YAGI = 14.8dBi
Cables: 2x 60m H1000
Radio: Yaesu FT847
Network: UP 1Mbps, DOWN 6Mbps
Computer: P4 core duo 2.3 GHz. 2GB RAM
Modems: 2x TNC2 1200/9600, 1z TNC3 1200 (futore 38400)
Other information: private radio amateur station


We have some recorded beacons from our Engineering model.

They can be found here

Info page for HAM people for AAUSAT-II

HAM people helping by listening for AAUSAT-II is found here

Our Antennas at the Roof

Beacon decoder SW available HERE !!!

Downlink telemtry specs:

  • callsign OZ2CUB
  • 437.425 MHz FFSK/MSK
  • 1200-9600bps (1200 standard)
  • AX.25 FM CW TLM (only in safe mode)

Our groundstation:

If you are going to listen for our satellite please drop us an e-mail:

aausatii AT with subject AAUSAT-II HAM-info

and we will list you on this page.

If you want to receive our mission update mails please mail to


and you will by added to our launch/mission state mailing list.

At the launch date we will be more than delighted to receive fresh information from you :-) And will of course mention you on this launch web site if you don't mind - just use the email above.