Step 2


statement June 25th.:

Within the last weeek we have obtained full contact and communication with AAUSAT-II.

AAUSAT-II health is at least as good as at launch time:

  • Lots of energy production
  • Full communication between AAUSAT-II and ground
  • No observable degradation of the spacecraft
  • Still reboot of main computer from time to time.

So June 25th it was decided to continue the AAUSAT-II mission.

The purpose is to all sub systems up and running and getting payload and other relevant information back to earth.

For the comming weeks we are planning the following:

Radiation payload

The radiation payload from DTU Space shall be activated and results pulled down from AAUSAT-II.
Sub mission planning can be found here

Attitude Determination and Control System?

  • The sensoring part (gyro and magnetometers) shall be activated and thumbling information returned to ground.
  • Stepwise test of actuators (coils and momemtum wheels)
  • Commision of ADCS algorithms
  • Full activation of de thumbling

More information can be found here?

Communication Link

For the time being we are using 1200 baud as bitrate on our GMSK link There are some indications that we will maybe have a better link quality at 2400 baud. Sub mission planning can be found here