in english:

A beacon is a "I alive" message transmitted on cyclic base from AAUSAT-II.

It is transmitted every 30 second

It holds information like :

  • our call sign (OZ2CUB)
  • uptime for main computer
  • battery and solar cell voltages
  • Current to and from batteries
  • main computer temperatures

in danish:

Et beacon er et "Jeg lever" telegram fra AAUSAT-II.

Det bliver sendt hvert 30 sekund

AAUSAT-II's beacon indeholder information som:

  • Vores kaldesignal (OZ2CUB)
  • Oppetid for hovedcomputer
  • Spændinger på batteri og solceller
  • Strøm ind og ud afbatterier
  • HOved computer temperaturer