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NEWS January 2008: AAU students has now started launch campaign on AAUSAT-II. Mission information at:
NEWS AAUSAT3 was launched 25. February 2013 - and in full operation:
The AAU-cubesat project started in September 2001 and has had the goal to let students build and launch a nano-satellite with the purpose to provide for "hands-on" education and gain experience with nano-satellite technology. The satellite was launched on the 30th of June 2003 from Plesetsk in Russia on top of the Rockot Launcher.

Following launch the satellite was alive for two and a half months before the battery had lost too much capacity to continue operations. During this time only a limited amount of data was successfully downlinked from the satellite due to an undisclosed problem on the satellite transmitter resulting in very weak signals being transmitted.
However, as a first step into pico-satellite technology and student built satellites the projects is considered a success and will be followed up by a new student satellite, currently under definition, which will have the benefit of all the experience gained with the AAU-cubesat

A new Cubesat project called AAUSAT-II has been initiated by Aalborg University. This time the payload will be of a more scientific origin namely a combination of a gamma-ray and X-ray detector developed by DSRI. Please visit the AAUSAT-II homepage for more information. For an introduction to all student space related projects at Aalborg University visit

To get in touch with the AAU Cubesat crew go to the Contact information page

Satellite news:

NEWS 29-8-05: For news about the upcoming launch of SSETI-Express with the AAU-cubesat engineering model camera see:

NEWS 12-1-05: Please visit the homepage of the "Space Technology and Education Conference 2005":

NEWS 18-10-04: This page is now discontinued. For more information about the successor mission and other student space projects at Aalborg university then go to:

NEWS 17-02-04: The AAU-cubesat camera flight-spare is now certain to be a payload on SSETI-express. Also the ADCS and the OBC for the satellite is developed at Aalborg University.

NEWS 30-01-04: Aalborg University has launched a successor project to AAU Cubesat named AAUSAT-II. This time the Cubesat will carry a combination of a gamma-ray and X-ray detector developed by DSRI. See the AAUSAT-II homepage for more information.

NEWS 09-11-03: The AAU-cubesat camera flight-spare is considered as main payload for the SSETI-express European Student satellite to be launched Q3 or Q4 2004. More information will follow later.

NEWS 06-10-03: Download the presentation given at the IAC2003 congress: Power-point

NEWS 22-09-03: AAU-cubesat announces end of operations.

Read the complete statement: End of operations

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